Strikes for Strokes

At the age of 24, Megan Birmingham suffered a serious stroke. Depressed and confused about how this could happen at such a young age, Megan arrived at CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Hospital. 

"I couldn't understand why I had the stroke and neither could the doctors. When I first checked in the rehab, I didn't want to be there - I just wanted things to go back to normal," Megan said. She credits her caregivers at the hospital for never allowing her to feel down during her recovery process. "They worked with me to get back to myself. They pushed me, and they didn't give up on me!"

Thanks to dedicated care of the CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation team, Megan knew she wanted to do something to give back. "Being a softball player, I decided to put on a tournament in the summer of 2014 called Strikes for Strokes and have all the proceeds go to CHRISTUS St. Michael Rehabilitation Hospital. The slow pitch tournament in Atlanta, TX, took place on July 24 with 7 teams. The tournament we able to raise $1,000. "I hope to raise even more in 2015. I want this tournament to be held annually because I know that I will not be the last person to have a stroke."

"Giving money back to that program will help better other people's lives."

For more information or to participate in the 2015 tournament, contact Megan Birmingham at 903-824-1528 or Tommie Hodge at 903-824-6613.  

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