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Imaging in a New Dimension
HD 3D Tomosynthesis Mammography

With no signs or symptoms, Sheila had no idea she was waking up daily with a growing mass of abnormal cells in her breast. As she routinely reported to work each day, the tumor continued to do its own work. Fortunately, Sheila faithfully scheduled her yearly screening mammogram. Sheila knew routine screenings were important because what she could not see growing inside of her body, the radiologists and radiation techs at the CHRISTUS St. Michael Imaging Center could.

Shortly after her arrival, the radiologist identified a small mass that was only visible on the detailed breast images from the Hologic® Genius™ 3D Mammography™ exam. After a biopsy, Sheila was diagnosed with stage I invasive lobular carcinoma. “The tumor was the size of a pea … no lumps … no way of knowing,” Sheila says. “If I hadn’t had the Genius 3D exam, there’s no telling when it would have been detected.”

For patients like Sheila, we are committed to continue to provide the latest in breast imaging technology to our community. While we currently have two 3D Tomo units, we are actively working toward purchasing a new high definition (HD) 3D Tomosynthesis Unit for breast screening exams as well as an upgrade to our two existing 3D Tomo Units with HD and a new 3D Breast Biopsy System to assure we continue to provide the latest in breast imaging technology.

We need your help to make our efforts a success! Your support is crucial in ensuring the latest technology in breast imaging technology is available in our community.