Helping Hand Program

YOU Matter to our Associates!

The Helping Hand Program gives patients and their families the opportunity to recognize their caregivers: physicians, nurses, volunteers, therapists, housekeepers, or any other Associates, who have provided them excellent care to them.

Recently recognized with Helping Hand Awards:

  • Dr. Meko Radomski
  • 5 South Nursing Associates
  • Louise Thornell
  • Ernest Gardner
  • 6 North
  • Dr. Laura Balmain
  • Cristy Lummus
  • Dr. Kevin Hayes
  • Dr. Jason Harris
  • Dr. Kathleen Martin
  • Alicia Shellogg

You can make a donation of any amount to honor an Associate with a Helping Hand Award. The honored individuals receive a Helping Hand Pin and certificate. To recognize someone today, call 903-614-2024 or email