Physician Recruitment

Gaining Advantage in Bringing Quality Care to Smaller Urban Areas

 As the Affordable Care Act evolves the healthcare landscape and as fewer medical students enter the pipeline, communities across the United States are competing rigorously for a dwindling number of physicians. The Association of Medical Colleges predicts our nation will be short by 62,900 physicians as of 2015.

In communities the size of Texarkana, as the current physician population ages, recruiting and retaining high quality physicians in specialty areas such as emergency, hospitalist and intensivist medicine become increasingly challenging. 

While technology is crucial to providing our community with innovative health care, we must give equal attention to the physicians who utilize the technology for the well-being of area residents. In order to attract and retain the best and brightest and compete with the urban health centers, CHRISTUS St. Michael implemented a Student Loan Payback Program, where physicians of needed specialties can earn additional funds to apply exclusively to their student loans when they commit to practice for at least three years in our community.

The high price young doctors pay to go to medical school and the extraordinary loans that they must pay back once they begin working certainly creates a challenge. Many are drawn to providing health care in large urban areas, where employers are able too offer more competitive compensation due to higher patient volumes.

CHRISTUS St. Michael must continue to develop these kinds of innovative programs to competitively recruit and retain physicians across a multitude of specialties.

A $2 million dollar investment will make our healthcare ministry competitive in the healthcare marketplace as we face declining numbers of physicians. 

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