Helping Hands Program

You MATTER to our Associates. 

Kaitlin McDowell, the mother of a former Emergency Department patient, recognized Associate Sharon Brown. 

"This Helping Hand Award is for Sharon Brown, RN. My 2-year old son was hit in the head with a golf club and was in need of a CT scan and stitches. He was very upset and required his own nurse. The ED was very busy that day so the charge nurse, Sharon, came to take care of him. She was the most considerate and compassionate person! I could not imagine going through that experience with any other nurse. She put my mind at complete ease. She even called us the next morning to check on how my son was doing and asked if we needed anything. Sharon really went above and beyond for us and that is why she deserves this recognition!"

The Helping Hand Program gives patients and their families the oppotunity to recognize thier caregivers:physicians, nurses, volunteers, therapists, housekeepers, or any other Associates, who have provided them excellent care to them.

You can make a donation of any amount to honor an Associate with a Helping Hand Award. The honored individuals receive a Helping Hand Pin and certificate. To recognize someone today, call 903-614-2024 or donate now.  

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