Electrophysiology Lab

With heart disease expected to increase by as much as 36% over the next ten years, the area's first Electrophysiology Lab (EP Lab) to complement and expand cardiovascular services at CHRISTUS St. Michael Health System brings much needed capabilities to the Texarkana region.

Until now, electrophysiology programs have been available mainly in major institutions in larger cities, forcing local residents to travel away from home to receive care for diagnosing and treating heart rhythm disturbances. 

Already the market leader in heart care, CHRISTUS St. Michael is committed to investing $2.7 million in the construction and equipping of an EP Lab to further enhance cardiology care for area residents. An affiliate of Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute, the nation's No. 1 heart program for 21 years*, CHRISTUS St. Michael realizes the need for continuing to provide innovative heart care right here for patients with arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat. Because irregular heartbeat can lead to heart complications, fatigue, congestive heart failure or stroke, offering an EP program is critical to the heart health of our community. 

In conjunction with the building of the EP Lab, Dr. Kevin Hayes, Texarkana's first electrophysiologist (EP), has joined Texarkana Cardiology Associates and serves as the lab's medical director. An electrophysiologist (EP) performs procedures to evaluate the electrical pathways of the heart to help determine the cause of heart rhythm disturbances as well as the best procedure or device to treat heart rhythm problems. 

"Having a dedicated EP Lab in Texarkana will allow us to treat complex and life-altering heart rhythm problems with great convenience to the patients and their family members. This means less time off work, less time driving to the nearest referral center, and - specifically for family members - less time commuting back and forth between the hospital and their homes. Many of these patients have a long standing relationship with the doctors and nurses at CHRISTUS St. Michael and will be much more comfortable having their procedure in a familiar place. I think it will allow us to reach many patients who could not have made the long journey to Little Rock or Dallas and will really allow us to improve the quality of their lives." -
Dr. Kevin Hayes, Cardiac Electrophysiologist, Texarkana Cardiology Associates. 

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